[TxMt] (LoadErrors)

dmp dmp.online.acct at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 04:59:03 UTC 2009


When accessing various bundle features I get (LoadErrors).

This is on 10.3.9 using 1.5.7 (1436). On 10.4.9 same version, no errors.

First question, is this version 10.3.9 functional. I could not find anything in
the notes or on the site. 

If this is not a 10.3 issue then these are the errors I have been receiving: 

This is the Error I get issue php-help:
`require': No such file to load -- erb (LoadError)  from
env: ruby -wKU: No such file or directory

I also the this error when issue html tidy:
env: ruby -wKU: No such file or directory

I get both the above from numerous commands.

I searched the thread, and based upon what I can find, I believe my environment
variables are correct.

One guess is an issue with this could be a result of an older Ruby install:
10.3.9 uses Ruby ver. 1.6.8; 10.4.9 uses 1.8.2.

One post referenced a ruby test:

feed these lines to Terminal do you see this output?
$ /usr/bin/ruby -r erb -e 'p url_encode("a test")'
-e:1: undefined method `url_encode' for main:Object (NoMethodError)
$ /usr/bin/ruby -r cgi -e 'p CGI.escape("a test")'

my results:
$  /usr/bin/ruby -r erb -e 'p url_encode("a test")'
/usr/bin/ruby: No such file to load -- erb (LoadError)

But the suggestion confused me. 


Thank You,

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