[TxMt] Re: newbie subversion question

Oliver Taylor olivertaylor at me.com
Wed Mar 25 21:13:38 UTC 2009

If you're new to subversion or don't want to deal with the
command-line you might check out the GUI apps Versions or Conerstone.


On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 12:53 PM, Rob McBroom <textmate at skurfer.com> wrote:
> On 2009-Mar-24, at 9:45 AM, Lucy Buykx wrote:
>> I then open up my project in TextMate and want to commit my code to
>> the
>> repository. It tells me that my code is not a working copy, so I say
>> ok,
>> lets checkout. Then it asks me for svn+ssh:// something so I type in
>> the
>> file path of the repository and a big error message thus...
> If your repository is on your local system, you can use file: instead
> of svn+ssh:.
> So in your case, you probably want to checkout file:///Users/lucy/Sites/wed2/Repository
> . I've never tried to checkout into an existing directory that already
> has files in it, etc. I'm not sure exactly what you've done so far or
> what you're wanting to accomplish, but I generally do something like
> this when moving an existing project into Subversion.
>   1. Create the repository with `svnadmin`.
>   2. Use `svn import` to commit the existing project directory to the
> repository.
>   3. Delete, rename, or move the project directory.
>   4. Use `svn checkout` to "recreate" the project directory as a
> working copy.
>   5. Open the new directory as a TextMate project.
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