[TxMt] Just starting to call myself a full time TM uses, general

Scott Haneda talklists at newgeo.com
Tue Mar 24 20:41:17 UTC 2009

Hello, I now use BBedit rarely, the times TM just flat out amazes me,  
I am a happy camper.  There are times I still fire up the old BB, but  
it gets less and less.  Maybe I am getting too old to remember all  
these damn keyboard shortcuts :)

1) Is there an <a href... snippet, I can not find it

2) How can I shift selected text right and left one space at a time?

3) Most other apps allow me to drag and drop a text clipping to the  
apps icon, and it will open it. In TM, I have to open the clipping,  
copy, then new file, then paste.  Any workarounds on this one?  Oddly,  
I find I used this feature a lot and I am missing it.

4) I am liking soft tabs a lot, as they seem to allow me to align  
things better, and when files move to other places, they stay lined up  
regardless of the tab stop setting.  I was happily working in 4 spaces  
per tab stop, and wanted to move to 5, changing it did nothing.  I had  
to convert spaces to tabs, then make the change.  I am not entirely  
sure what I did really.  Can someone give me a primer or point me to  
docs on how this works?

* I am often opening tab separated files, and will need to open tabs  
to 40 spaces or so, because the launch time to something like Excel is  
just too aggravating, TM seems to work against me a little for this  
type of work, suggestions?

5) Given code such as:
$foo = 'bar';
$this = 'that';
$something = 'else';

What is a simple way to get to:
$foo       = 'bar';
$this      = 'that';
$something = 'else';

6) I have picked up this TM book and printed it out, it is helping me  
a lot.  There is a section on being able to select some sql, and have  
it run and show me the output.  I am not understanding how to make  
this work.  I usually have a db.inc that will contain my user and pass  
and db name, so it will be well outside the scope of the file I am in,  
unless TM can follow that include reference.  To be able to run  
arbitrary sql would be huge for me, is there a better walk through?  I  
am just not getting this one to work.  I have not tried to be honest,  
since I do not understand the setup at all.

7) Any of you care to share your top #1 little tricks, the one thing  
you use all the time, that just makes you happy every time you invoke  
it?  I mainly work in php, so leaning on things that would be helpful  
in that area would be nice.  Second would be bash, and lately, for  
some odd reason, I have been spending some time in TCL, but not much,  
so I am not sure how many tricks in there would benefit me in the long  

Thanks all... Hey, when is the next version coming out... just  
kidding :)
Scott * If you contact me off list replace talklists@ with scott@ *

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