[TxMt] Scrolling down the web preview while the cmd is processed

Mathieu Godart mathieu at coolsand-tech.fr
Fri Mar 13 01:46:03 UTC 2009


I'm currently trying to develop a command which gets some log from a  
cmd pipe and send the result of the TM command to the HTML output,  
just like that:

     cmd_pipe = open("|my_long_script.sh 2>&1")
     cmd_pipe.each_line do |line|
         print line

This allows the web preview to be updated (better than the print  
`my_long_script.sh 2>&1' for that reason) while the command is  
processed. But my problem now is that the web preview does not got to  
the end of the file automatically... This is a bit painful while  
staring at the result of the command.

Do someone have an idea to force the web preview to scroll down each  
time the STDOUT is flushed? Or something like that.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


Mathieu Godart

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ASIC Integration Manager
Coolsand Technologies

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