[TxMt] how can I make TextMate the default editor for text files on 10.5.6

Bill Paxton paxton at kitp.ucsb.edu
Sat Apr 4 04:38:06 UTC 2009


How can I get 10.5.6 to use TextMate as the default application to  
open text files instead of using TextEdit?

For example, if I do the following, I'd like the new file to open in  

grep 'test' *.c > newfile
open newfile

Currently, this opens in TextEdit (ugh).

For files with an extension, I can get the system to use TextMate for  
all files with that extension.
But I'd like something that works automatically for files without  
extensions (like "newfile" in the example).

Also while it works to use "get info" to set the "open with"  
application for an existing file,
when I do "Change All..." to use TextMate, I get the following error:

	An error occurred while changing the application that
	open "newfile" because not enough information is

I'm using Version 1.5.8 (1498).

Bill Paxton

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