[TxMt] Select Bundle Item customizations

Scott Haneda talklists at newgeo.com
Thu Apr 2 23:02:30 UTC 2009

Hello, I find that TM has too many keyboard shortcuts for my brain to  
be able to retain and be useful to me.  I have developed a habit that  
I use in all apps, which is to use apple help, command-Shift-? will  
bring up the help menu in the app.  I can type a few words, and it  
will show me the menu item I need.  Return and it is executed.  Or I  
can traverse the real menu structure.

I use this in all apps, it is handy to me.

TM apparently crashes a lot when I do this.

I am now looking to use the "Select Bundle Item", but it is too  
aggressive about what it finds.  Enter in the single letter "E" and it  
finds all bundle items that contain a singe E.  I am looking to limit  
it to contains characters of at least three characters for a match.

In the help search method, if I type "br" it brings up 6 items to pick  
from.  In the "Select Bundle Item" it beings up about 25 or so.

Any suggestions?  Over time, I am sure this is going to force me to  
learn more of these, but the apple help method was gread for those one  
time uses where you will not use the command again for a long time.   
It also goes beyond the bundle items, and I could toggle freehand edit  
mode, for example, something I rarely do, and just do not want to  
bother committing to memory.
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