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enas textmate at alxp.gr
Sat Sep 6 07:50:36 UTC 2008

Yes, that's exactly how I would see it!

I have another question, for those of you who know how latexmk -pvc  
work (I know this might not be the right place for it, but since I  
hold you now). When is the refresh triggered? Is the launched process  
that periodically checks the watched document (and its dependencies)  
to track changes and then refresh the PDF, or is it in some way the  
fact that we save the watched document that triggers the refresh? So  
in other words, if I change not the main document, but one of its  
dependencies, will latexmk -pvc detect it and refresh the PDF?

Thanks again to all,


On 5 Sep 2008, at 23:42, Piero D'Ancona wrote:

> Brad Miller <millbr02 at ...> writes:
>> enas,
>> Robin Houston wrote the Latex Watch bundle and
>> I added to the Latex bundle.  Occasionally I get
>> patches from Robin and others that I apply to keep
>> it up to date.  Whether a feature like this gets added
>> will depend on whether Robin has the time and inclination
>> to add the feature.  Or as we say, patches are always welcome.
> Can we extend slightly this feature request?
> I think it would be nice to add to LaTex Watch
> a mechanism to choose latex options, similar
> to the one in Run Latex. This would cover
> both the OP's request and mine (to add the
> switch -synctex), and others I guess.
> Thanks
> Piero
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