[TxMt] Objective-C completions for iPhone SDK.

Rafael Vega email.rafa at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 05:20:41 UTC 2008

Hello. I've been using TextMate for writing Objective-C for the iPhone.The
features that come in the Objecive-C bundle are great but the supported
frameworks for documentation look up and completion do not include the
iPhone SDK / Cocoa Touch Frameworks.
This thread <
resolved the documentation issue for me but I'm still trying to get
completions for the iPhone specific frameworks/Classes.

So far I have tried to use the Index Headers For Completion command to index
the Cocoa touch headers. I created a TextMate project and copied all the
UIKit framework header files to the project folder.
I ran the Index Headers command but the generated .classes.TM_Completions.txt
and .methods.TM_Completions.txt files where empty.
I then opened the GenerateMethodList.rb script and added "UIKit" => "UI" to
the "translate" array. After doing this some Classes show up in the
generated completions files but the list is far from complete. This is the
generated clas list:


I don't know why the NS* classes show up in the list and I dont know what
sets the UI* classes in the list appart fro all the other UI classes that
didn't show up. I've never written a single line of Ruby and there are a lot
of things I don't understand in the generateMethodsList.rb script

Allan or anybody else, If you are listening, could you please give me some
pointers as to how to index these header files (Along with the other
iPhoneSDK/Cocoa Touch header files) and use them for completions in my

I would love to help including this in the official Objective-C bundle or
help create a new Objective-C iPhone bundle.


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