[TxMt] editing .profile, and others

Jon Evans jon.evans at pobox.com
Wed Nov 26 14:06:25 UTC 2008

I have a bash alias called mb ("mate bash") to edit my bash config files
(and a few others). It's pretty simple:

alias mb='mate ~/.alias ~/.bashrc ~/.profile ~/.inputrc ~/.screenrc'

This worked fine when I first used it (quite a long time ago) but I've just
tried it today and it only half works. I get the project drawer listing the
5 files, but .profile and .bashrc don't open in TextMate when I single-click
them. If I double-click them, .profile opens in TextEdit and .bashrc gets
executed in a terminal.

What settings can I change to get back the old behaviour? I realise it's
probably a system setting rather than something TextMate-specific, but I
can't even find a way to show dotfiles in the finder so I can "always open


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