[TxMt] Re: How to install Actionscript 3 TEMPLATE correctly?

Simon Gregory simon at helvector.org
Sat Nov 15 10:34:28 UTC 2008

> I've been using TextMate a while and have installed the Actionscript  
> 3 bundle as per http://flashalisious.com/2007/07/30/installing-as3-and-flex-bundle-for-textmate/ 
> . I did this on my last computer, and got a bunch of nifty templates  
> (Sprite, etc), that had large areas of the .as file blocked out  
> (EVENT HANDLERS, PRIVATE METHODS, etc). I got a new machine here at  
> work and installed the bundle as per above, and although I now have  
> the templates again, they don't have all the content they used to;  
> and in fact come up with a sort of cryptic package designation, i.e.  
> package .var.folders.lB.lBw3509ZExidE+zqzMfB2oHT-Fk.-Tmp- { I'm not  
> at all an expert at TextMate, but like it a lot (we're registered  
> users here). Can anyone suggest a fix to get things back to how they  
> once were? Thanks very much!

I think you have the bundle installed correctly, it's just that I have  
updated and changed the way that the templates behave. Each template  
in the bundle editor has a comment which describes the change. You can  
now control whether or not the comments and banners contained within  
the template are kept when your new document is created.

So to get your old behavior set the env variables TM_ASDOC_GENERATION  
and TM_AS3_BANNER_GENERATION to anything.


package .var.folders.lB.lBw3509ZExidE+zqzMfB2oHT-Fk.-Tmp- {}

is deliberate and happens when using File > New From Template >  
ActionScript 3 > Sprite Subclass. It isn't elegant but the file before  
you save it will be in /var/folders/lB/lBw3509ZExidE+zqzMfB2oHT-Fk/- 
Tmp- and the directory structure is the only thing I have to go on to  
take an educated guess on what the package path may be. If there's no  
obvious source directory in the path then I've opted to keep the whole  
path and let the user edit it.

Using the new file button in the project drawer is likely to get you  
more reliable results.


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