[TxMt] @return<tab> = hex?

Gaby Vanhegan gaby at vanhegan.net
Fri Nov 14 17:43:56 UTC 2008

When coding in AS3 in TextMate I like to put in some nice JavaDoc  
style comments:

*	Fetch up a dice from the server
*	@param	Number	dice_num	Which dice to get (1-6)
*	@return	NetDice				Populated dice info object
*	@access	private

All well and good.  I put a tab after the keyword declaration, so I'd  


For the first row.  When I try to populate the return value:


The value gets automatically converted into this:


Why does this happen?  What can I do to turn it off?  My workaround is  
to type this instead:


The go back and delete the space but that's just a PITA.  Any  


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