[TxMt] latex bundle: handling pstricks and pst-pdf together

Denilson Barbosa denilson.barbosa at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 22:10:31 UTC 2008

hi there,

I've made this feature request for improving the latex bundle and got
a reply that maybe the user discussion list would be more appropriate.
So here it is:

pstricks remains extremely useful and pdflatex seems to be the future
of LaTeX, although it does not support pstricks directly.

There is a simple and elegant way of having then coexist, which is to
use the pst-pdf package, which defines a new environment to wrap
pstricks figures. However, this now requires that we compile the ps
and pdf parts separately as follows:

    latex <file.tex>
    dvips -Ppdf -o <file-pics.ps> <file.dvi>
    ps2pdf -dAutoRotatePages=/None <file-pics.ps> <file-pics.pdf>
    pdflatex <file.tex>

This is properly documented in

The LaTeX bundle should be extended with a new test to see if the
pst-pdf package is loaded and perform the steps above, removing the
.ps file after the last step.

Has anyone been able to extend the latex bundle with a way to handle pst-pdf?



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