[TxMt] New LaTeX sectioning structure

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Tue May 27 05:14:38 UTC 2008

Hi Charilaos,

Thanks for your reply.

On 27/05/2008, at 3:36 AM, Charilaos Skiadas wrote:

> I believe you can already use \begin{section} and \begin{subsection}  
> (And corresponding \end things), which might take you partly there  
> without any changes, I think we support those variants.

This does work as LaTeX syntax, but not in the "Symbols List" or "Show  
Outline" of TextMate.

> Changing the bundle to support something which is not standard,  
> bound to be confusing (for instance should the top level correspond  
> to a \section or a \chapter? or a \part?) and not offering much  
> enhanced functionality is not something I look forward to.

Oh, I wasn't trying to suggest this should be added to the default  
bundle :)

(I'd say that if the class support chapters, then the top level {sect}  
corresponds to a \chapter, else a \section.)

But it's not immediately obvious to me how to adjust the current  
definition to support this sort of style (for my own use). If it's not  
an easy adjustment to make to the current LaTeX bundle, no worries.

> There is of course a "Show outline" command, not sure how much that  
> serves your needs. The safe moving of code around is the tricky  
> part, if that's what you were hoping for. What exactly do you mean  
> by "missing the nice outlining features"? In any case, I think it's  
> preferable to make the current system work, instead of inventing a  
> new system.

As far as I can tell, nothing is broken in the current system (of  
LaTeX or of TextMate). I just wanted to experiment with a different  
way of doing things.

Many thanks,
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