[TxMt] TextMate hangs when editing an ActionScript3 file

Lee Henson lee.m.henson at gmail.com
Sun May 25 16:39:17 UTC 2008


Simon Gregory wrote:
> I've not had that happen here, and as it's on any .as file it's odd.  
> You could try changing the file extensions to .txt to see if the  
> language grammar is to blame.

Yeah, txt files do not cause a problem and mxml files are fine too. So far,
it appears to only be as files.

Simon Gregory wrote:
> Which bundle are you using - have you checked out the ActionScript 3  
> and Flex bundles from the review branch? Or are you using the  
> ActionScript bundle?

I have both the AS3 and the Flex review bundles, and both are up to date. 

Something that might be relevant: I have noticed that the colourization of
the code inside the package {} declaration is not as you would expect. All
the text is white, as if it has lost track of what file type it is working
on. I have also seen similar in my mxml files, within CDATA blocks. The ]]>
closing CDATA tag doesn't appear to be spotted, as the colourization seems
to suggest that the CDATA block continues until the end of the the file.

I have had a brief look at the language parser in the bundle editor, but I
can't see any obvious problems.
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