[TxMt] How to use Teminal and TextMate in Ruby on Rails

Takaaki Kato devlist at samuraicoder.net
Sat May 17 12:33:37 UTC 2008


This is just a generic question on how you use Terminal and TextMate  
in developing with Rails. I benefit from the bundles like Ruby, Rails  
RubyAMP and RSpec. My problem is that I would like to have a few  
Terminal tabs open for one application. I need one tab for running  
commands like script/generate or rake tasks. (I know I can use Control- 
Shift-\ for some tasks, but it feels a bit slow to me.) Another tab is  
for the server log genarated after `script/server`. And optionally I  
have a tab open for script/console.

If I use Control-Shift-O, the Terminal window opens and `cd` to the  
current directory. RubyAMP bundle has Control-Command-P for a similar  
feature. But if I use the same command more than once, a new Terminal  
window shows up. I would like to have a new tab instead.

What I do currently is that: 1) Open the TextMate project file, 2) I  
use Control-Shift-O to open the Terminal window and find myself in the  
project directory, 3) run the AppleScript I made to duplicate a tab.

My AppleScript is written at <http://samuraicoder.net/applescript_duplicating_tabs_terminal 
 >. This is just a shitty script, simply emulates what I do on  
keyboards. Is there anybody who can know a much better way? Or would  
you suggest any better workflow?

Takaaki Kato

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