[TxMt] A GitMate? Sharing the same keyboard shortcut for SVN, GIT..

jonatan andersson email-lists at jonix.org
Wed May 14 07:37:27 UTC 2008

On May 13, 2008, at 11:33 PM, Rick DeNatale wrote:

> On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 8:43 AM, Adam Strzelecki <ono at java.pl> wrote:
>> 2nd thing is if it would be possible to share same shortcut ⌃⇧A  
>> for SVN,
>> GIT and all versioning bundles.
>> Since they are exclusive -> folder may either contain just .git  
>> or .svn
>> subfolder, the ⌃⇧A menu could display/trigger its items  
>> relatively to
>> presence of those folders somehow.
> Actually I don't think that it's a valid assumption that a .git and
> .svn directory won't occur together.  In fact I'm pretty sure that
> it's pretty common for people who use git-svn which allows
> coordination of a git repository (for personal use) and a svn
> repository.
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I for one is using Git and SVN for the same project. I am using Git as  
a lightweight "inofficial" SCM system, and when I am finished with a  
feature or a fix I commit it to the real SCM system.

However Git is just using a single .git folder in the root path of the  
project, Subversion creates a .svn folder for each subfolder, so there  
is the distinction that can be made programatically.

// Jonatan

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