[TxMt] Mercurial bundle - abort: There is no Mercurial repository here (.hg not found)!

Oktay Acikalin ok at ryotic.de
Wed May 7 09:11:39 UTC 2008

Am 07.05.2008 um 04:01 schrieb Allan Odgaard:

> On 4 May 2008, at 13:56, Oktay Acikalin wrote:
>> Am 04.05.2008 um 01:06 schrieb Kevin Horton:
>>> […]http://lists.macromates.com/pipermail/textmate/2007-November/023219.html
>>> But I don't understand the discussion, nor how to apply it to my  
>>> project.  How can I create a TextMate project that has files from  
>>> several different nested directories, without having the Mercurial  
>>> bundle fail to work?
>> i've investigated it a bit but found no time to go further. so no  
>> solution over here. perhaps the author of the bundle or someone  
>> else who is into bundle-development could take a look - that would  
>> be great.
> Coincidentally I made reference to how these virtual groups on-top  
> of the file system complicates commands a few days ago¹ and said it  
> was one of the motivating factors to simply not support it in the  
> future.
> So don’t expect a fix for this, sorry.

it's easy to understand the complexity such virtual grouping  
introduces. nevertheless i really would like to see this grouping in  
tm 2, too :).

so i went off, created a folder and symlinked my project and framework  
into it. the svn-bundle is fine with it but the mercurial-bundle is  
not. i assume that the problem lies in the fact that mercurial does  
not search for its .hg folder where the file, one has given along,  
resides. in short: it doesn't care where the file resides, it just  
tries to find it's .hg folder.
my idea would be to take the first selected file ( or just the current  
file if nothing is selected ), set the working directory to the one of  
the file, run hg root to get the project-path, set the working  
directory to the project-path and run the command on the file as  
usual. this should work fine with many files within the same hg-root,  
but of course not with virtual grouping or adventurous symlinking :)

ok... dreamed enough :)

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