[TxMt] MarkupMaker for TextMate

Daniel Stockman daniel.stockman at gmail.com
Tue May 6 00:20:03 UTC 2008

> take selected text, indented by spaces, and convert them to divs.
> [...] I may have to build my own script!

You're familiar with the "File > New From Template..." option, I hope?  
And the multitude of snippets and macros already extant in the HTML  

Try the 'div' tab-trigger some time (from a new HTML 4.01 template,  
which you can edit to suit your tastes), I think you'll find yourself  
struggling to justify such a hairy script as a "MarkupMaker" (there's  
always Markdown, if you don't want to write in HTML but desire HTML  

Unless you've got reams of existing, single-space indented (?!)  
hierarchical content a-waiting for the generator of your dreams, I  
think you'd be better off learning how to better employ the wonderful  
tools you already have in TextMate. Ciarán Walsh's blog [1] has a  
number of bite-sized, "bet you never knew you could do this" bundle  
tutorials; there are others but a Google away.


[1] http://ciaranwal.sh/ (the coolest domain + TLD combo ever)

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