[TxMt] Dialog2/ AppleScript public API

Tim Harper timcharper at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 17:47:46 UTC 2008

What's this about the Dialog2 bundle... and what's this I hear about a  
public AppleScript API for textmate (as mentioned in a commit to the  
Dialog2 bundle)?

Can someone enlighten me and possibly post a link, or two?  I'd like  
to learn about Dialog2, specifically if it can help with the git bundle.

I'm really interested to know if any of the following are possible:

* Is it possible to open up a new html-output pane in textmate, bound  
to a process, invoked by an already running bundle command?

* Is it possible, through the AppleScript-API, to list all of the tabs  
that are open. (currently using the fantastic TMTOOLS plugin to do it,  
but would be nice if this feature became part of core, as I'm not sure  
if TMTOOLS has been the cause of some unstability i've been  

* What new dialogs are provided by Dialog2?

If someone's got a quick answer, I'd appreciate it :)  Though, as I've  
invested little time to writing this message, I'd not be terribly  
disappointed if it was ignored.

Thank you beloved TextMate community,


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