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Evan Berkowitz evan.berkowitz at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 18:22:26 UTC 2008

I think we're all missing the most crucial mistake in this discussion:

The plural of forum is NOT forums.  It is fora.  Keep focused people,  
we don't want to lose track of what's important.

--Evan "data, stadia, millennia, curricula, atria, bacteria, errata,  
fulcra, memoranda, momenta, sera, FORA" Berkowitz

On Jul 31, 2008, at 1:36 PM, Jacob Rus wrote:

> [Jacob Rus]
>> Use Gmane if you want a forum-like web interface.  I recommend  
>> against
>> it though, as forum-like web interfaces suck.
> [podperson]
>> I agree. Forums don't suck. Forum-like web interfaces suck.
> [Jacob Rus]
>> Find me a forum with a desktop app as its interface, and we’ll talk.
>> Until then, you get a -1 from me on any forum proposal.
> [podperson]
>> How about Safari? It's as much a desktop app as Mail.
> Why do I get the feeling you’re not really reading the responses  
> you’re
> getting here?
> I cannot read a web forum in either NNTP readers, nor desktop mail
> readers.  I can read this mailing list in my browser in about 4
> different ways, including some that look like most web forums but
> better.  I can also read it in any mail client, usenet client, or rss
> feed reader.  I can munge its plain text messages in a program written
> in any language I like.  I can trivially make the Bubbles voice read
> each message out loud on my laptop as it arrives, if I so desire.
> [Jacob Rus]
>> Given that, as
>> far as I know, most of those who work on TextMate bundles, including
>> Allan himself, feel somewhat the same way,
> [podperson]
>> How would you know?
> Sorry, by “TextMate bundles”, I meant “those TextMate bundles which  
> are
> in wide public use”.  I thought that was clear, but apparently not.
>> I realize you think hacking bundles is some kind of elite
>> thing, but I suspect anyone who uses TextMate hacks bundles. They  
>> probably
>> don't sync their changes to svn because it's a PITA, and they don't  
>> talk
>> here because it's a PITA.
> You aren’t making any friends here by being patronizing.
> (Or for added snark: I realize you think that using email is some kind
> of elite thing, but I suspect anyone who uses TextMate has also used  
> email.)
> I doubt you really want an answer to this, but actually I think no  
> such
> thing.  I was “hacking bundles” within a couple of days of using
> TextMate, before I had much understanding of it at all, and had hopped
> on IRC and contributed a bit myself within the first week (ironically,
> the “bulletin board” bundle, for syntax highlighting the god-awful
> markup used by most web forums).
>> Oddly enough, it's easier to extend and customize it than participate
>> in the online community, which is kind of sad.
> It’s surprisingly easy if your outlook is positive and cooperative,  
> and
> your goal is solving practical problems.  If your communication style
> convinces everyone in the community that you’re just trolling, then  
> that
> “ease” depends on your definition of “participate”, I guess.
>> It would be really neat if you could set yourself up to treat the  
>> mailing
>> list purely as a forum in a relatively straightforward manner
> Feel free to write that software, or convince someone else to.  Mail
> messages are a very well understood format, trivially mappable to
> whatever kind of front-end you like.
> Alternately, go complain at the Gmane people if you don’t like their
> implementation(s) (it has most of the advantages you cite for fora:
> searchable, always available from anywhere, see all the replies to a
> thread in one flat page, etc.).
> <http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.editors.textmate.general/26173>
> -Jacob
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