[TxMt] Re: Speeding up Xcode builds

Dave Baldwin dave.baldwin at 3dlabs.com
Wed Jul 30 13:35:47 UTC 2008

On 27 Jul 2008, at 18:52, Gerd Knops wrote:

> I like to build and run my Xcode projects using the "Build & Run"  
> command from the Xcode bundle, both for convenience and because my  
> debug output and exceptions are formatted in such a way that it can  
> be clicked in the output window so TextMate jumps to that section in  
> the code.
> With Xcode 3 that has become a little trying though: Every time the  
> underlying xcodebuild command is launched, it goes through a rather  
> lengthy "Checking Dependencies" phase.
> Xcode itself seems to cache the results from that phase, it is only  
> slow the first time a project is built after opening it in Xcode.
> Hoping that it might help others, I came up with with the command  
> attached below. It uses Xcode to build the project, and (upon  
> success) hides Xcode and launches the freshly built application in  
> such a way that the output goes to the normal "Build With Xcode"  
> window.
> If compilation fails, it leaves Xcode in the front. I set Xcode to  
> use the "Condensed" layout, positioned the "Build Results" window to  
> be the same size and location as TextMate's "Build With Xcode"  
> window, and set TextMate as external editor for all source files. So  
> double-clicking on an error message will still jump to that location  
> in the code in TextMate, just like the original Build With Xcode"  
> window would do with a single click.
> Hope that helps someone, feedback welcome.
> Gerd
> <Build using Xcode & Run.tmCommand>

This arrived just in time - I was getting frustrated at the dependency  
check time as well and was thinking about doing something similar.

I did make one small change:
open -g "$PROJECT_FILE"

so the path can contain spaces.

Thanks for sharing this,



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