[TxMt] Re: How to install SVN_MERGE ?

L. Demaret lodem at free.fr
Sun Jul 27 13:35:51 UTC 2008


	If a file svnmerge exists then navigate via terminal to its folder  
and type ./svnmerge, it should work. You can also put it in one of  
your $PATH folders, type echo $PATH in terminal to see thoses  
separated by colons and put the file in one. You can add a path  
via .profile: have a look at the .profile file, it's a hidden file in  
you home folder. To go to your home folder just type cd and return ..
expecting you use bash on Leopard ..
If it does not work (or says no right to do that) ls -l svnmerge to  
see if it has an x as execute on his rights infos, if not chmod +x  


Le 25 juil. 08 à 10:47, Cedric Simon a écrit :

> "svnmerge: command not
> found"

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