[TxMt] Re: GetBundles Request: GitHub Link / More info

Thomas Aylott oblivious at subtlegradient.com
Wed Jul 23 18:56:48 UTC 2008

On Jul 23, 2008, at 2:00 PM, Hans-Jörg Bibiko wrote:
> On 23.07.2008, at 19:27, Thomas Aylott wrote:
>> Maybe we could add the link to the description in the info.plist. And
>> for Github you could just tack on the homepage value for the repo.
>> Seems Allan already officially added support for html in the
>> description over a year ago:
>>>>> Author: duff
>>>>> Date:   Sun Mar 4 20:11:31 2007 +0000

>>>>>    description:
>>>>>       A short description for this bundle. Do link to more info
>>>>> about the language (or whatever) the bundle is about. I decided on
>>>>> using HTML for this (but leave out the initial paragraph tag)
>>>>> since it seemed like overkill to run a single line of text through
>>>>> Markdown.pl, just to convert [foo](link) into <a
>>>>> href="link">foo</a>
>>>>>    Many of the current descriptions could use some improvements,
>>>>> I just wanted to get the ball rolling :)
> Well, if this is consistently done one could parse a href for getting
> more infos but I also saw bundle descriptions mentioned something  
> like:
> [fictive]
> bla foo, the language deals with Python (www.python.org), ....
> How to distinguish between such a link at the link to an HTML
> description?
> Or did this mean either a plain text for describing the bundle or a
> link to a external document, but not both?
> If so then it'd possible I guess.

The actual commit included:
	<string>Support for <a href="http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/About_JavaScript 
for the javascript bundle.

I'd say, this field is officially supposed to be pure text or html. If  
it's not an html link, then just use it asis without any extra  
parsing. If they want it to be a real link they can change their  

—	thomas Aylott    @    subtleGradient

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