[TxMt] LaTeX label completion messed up by - (dash)

Evan Berkowitz evan.berkowitz at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 20:14:46 UTC 2008

I am currently writing a many-file textbook using a master.tex file.   
To label figures, tables, sections, etc.  without a collision of  
labels I have been using the convention:


So, for instance, I have a the following in the file which labels an  
example which has to do with the tension in the string of a pendulum  
in the section "Pick A Nice Point" in the chapter "Answer Strategies"


Now, when I try to do completion

\ref{answer-stra[[press Alt-escape, select completion]]}

I wind up with a duplication of anything that comes before the last  
typed dash:


instead of the expected:


Another example below.

Does anyone know how to work around this?  I've already typed about  
one hundred labels and references, and I so far I have put up with  
correcting the completion each time.  It's getting old, though.

Thanks a lot,


Another example would be:




instead of


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