[TxMt] Auto replace on load&save?

Jonas Zimmermann listen at jonaszimmermann.de
Mon Jul 14 22:03:50 UTC 2008

Hi everyone (this is a debut),
so far I've been using TeXShop for my LaTeX writing. I've written an  
extension to it that allows me type all kinds of  Unicode symbols  
(such as greek letters, relation symbols and whatnot) in TeXShop which  
get converted to LaTeX code (so "≤" becomes "\leq" etc) on saving (or  
loading) based on a 1-1 mapping list. Thus, the text is readable on  
screen while the code remains portable.

Now, I'd like to switch to Textmate because of its better project  
management (and because I've paid for it...). I wonder whether I can  
keep this functionality on which I heavily depend. Are there auto  
replace on save/load solutions available? Sorry if this has been  
discussed before (although I haven't found it) or it's obvious (though  
I hae used TextMate for a while, I didn't do much customizing).


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