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Marc Bauer nesium at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 19:58:17 UTC 2008

hi gaby.

i'm glad you like the tool. if you'll switch to as3 anytime, it can also
display stacktraces. just as a hint.


2008/7/7 Gaby Vanhegan <gaby at vanhegan.net>:

> On 7 Jul 2008, at 13:12, Marc Bauer wrote:
> i wrote my own tool, which effectively does the same as xtrace plus more.
> most important for your problem, it responds to a crossdomain request.
> further it supports filters and themes.
> you can get it here: http://nesium.com/home/products/Trazzle/latest
> debug classes here:
> https://svn.nesium.net/public/flash/actionscript/trazzle/as2/
> despite the version it's more a mature beta than an alpha release. i just
> had hassle with sparkle for the auto-updating.
> I had been using this as an excuse to get into xCode and Obj-C.  I had
> gotten hold of the XTrace source and was modifying the source to respond to
> the CDP request.  I had got as far as opening a writable descriptor to the
> java logging server, detecting the domain policy request and notifying the
> java server.  I was about to start on the java server modifications to send
> the CDP file when prodded but my brain exploded at that point (xCode, Obj-C
> and Java in one day, a bit much)
> This, however, is perfect, and more importantly actually works!  A thousand
> thanks :)
> Now I can share the same AS2 project folder across TextMate on my mac and
> FlashDevelop on my PC.
> G.
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