[TxMt] Re: Xmas Wish

Alex Ross tm-alex at rosiba.com
Sat Dec 20 22:35:01 UTC 2008

On Dec 20, 2008, at 1:13 PM, Alexy Khrabrov wrote:

> And my wish is an easy way to communicate with command-line processes
> such as toplevels and compilers, and parse their errors like Emacs
> does, pointing you back into the text.  Once that exists, TM will have
> officially superseded Emacs for compiling...  unless it;s possible
> already?  :)

Have you seen Executor?

Look at the C.tmbundle's Run command.  It Compiles and Runs C code,  
currently it doesn't bother to parse errors and link back to the  
source, but it would be pretty trivial to add a ruby block to do so.


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