[TxMt] Re: 5 Markdown Bundle Bugs

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Mon Dec 15 12:18:55 UTC 2008

On 10 Dec 2008, at 21:16, Oliver Taylor wrote:

> [...]
> But the highlighting bugs remain TextMate's.

Markdown is a perl script which does a series of global regexp  
replacements on your document, some of them work by temporarily  
replacing subsets with md5s, to avoid having the following  
replacements touch the subcontent, etc.

It is not possible to capture this in a grammar modeled after a  
recursive descent parser. I do however expect nested block-level  
constructs to be handled (nicely) after 2.0 (where a new rule type  
will be introduced), but it will diverge from the Markdown “spec”  
because we can’t really work with that, for more info see: http://six.pairlist.net/pipermail/markdown-discuss/2008-March/001072.html

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