[TxMt] Editing a langage Grammar

Alain Matthes alain.matthes at mac.com
Wed Sep 19 06:57:33 UTC 2007

Le 19 sept. 07 à 03:00, Charilaos Skiadas a écrit :

> Alain, one word of caution with the command, when you use it with  
> the Bundle editor. If you:
> 1) open the bundle editor
> 2) select a command
> 3) click its text field to make it get focus
> 4) start the "Edit in textmate" command to get the text in a nice  
> new window
> 5) go back to the text editor and select a new command
> 6) go back to the nice new window that had the stuff from "Edit in  
> Textmate"
> 7) save.
> Then you have just overwritten the new command you selected in step  
> 5. So I would strongly advice staying away from the bundle editor  
> until you've closed the "Edit in TextMate" window.
> Best
> Haris Skiadas

Thanks Haris. I know that a little because before to use that I have  
some problem when I work on the text field and when by inadvertence
  I click on the scope's list :(

I hope in TM2 a better way to manage this ! :)

Regards Alain

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