[TxMt] Changing quote escape character

DZ-Jay dz at caribe.net
Sat Sep 8 10:33:55 UTC 2007

	I work developing software using Windows at the office, but at home I 
get to do my own stuff in a Mac -- so I use TextMate for that.  
However, I've noticed that most (all?) language syntaxes in the bundles 
menu use the 'C' escape character, even if the language really doesn't 
support that escape sequence.  Specifically, I was interested in 
changing the Pascal/Delphi syntax to use doubled single-quotes ('') as 
an escaped quoted-string quote instead of \' (which is taken as literal 
in Pascal).

	Anyway, before I take the time to learn and figure out the syntax 
formatting stuff to do this, I was wondering if someone already had 
done this (or if it could be included in the next version :).


"Bastard Operators don't just win.  Anyone can win.  Bastard Operators 
win and totally demoralise.  That's real winning."

	-- BOfH

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