[TxMt] Re: Size of fonts when printing

Richard Dyce dd at dyce.com
Wed Sep 5 08:51:33 UTC 2007

Just a thought...

I had this problem with printing PHP. If you want to print PHP or  
pure HTML, then you can 'Filter Through Command..." (cmd-R) using just

php -s

and viewing the result as HTML, and using cmd- or cmd+ to change the  

You don't get line numbers, or headers, though.


On 30 Aug 2007, at 15:44, Jacob Rus wrote:

> Steven Finnegan wrote:
>> One of the very few complaints I have regarding Textmate is how it  
>> handles font sizes for printed documents. I have the apple 30" cinema
> ...
>> The help system mentions something about the Source Bundle having  
>> a "View Source as PDF" function, but I couldn't find that  
>> function. Bundles -> Source does not show it.
>> Anyway, I was wondering what other users have done to mitigate  
>> this problem.
> I send source to an HTML document ("TextMate" → "Create HTML From  
> Document")

Richard Dyce MA (Cantab.) MBCS MIET


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