[TxMt] Contacting Bundle Maintainers

Torsten Walter tw at 3d-m.de
Wed Oct 31 16:16:52 UTC 2007

Thanks Brad,

I found the info.
I tried for about 10 minutes but couldn't find them anywhere on my  
So I actually had to pull the bundles from the editor to my desktop  
to access the package contents.

Thanks again.

Torsten Walter
website: http://legacy.3d-m.de
tech-lab: http://playground.3d-m.de/
email: tw at 3d-m.de

On Oct 31, 2007, at 4:32 PM, Brad Miller wrote:

> Torsten,
> If you look in the info.plist file for the bundle you will find  
> contact information for the Bundle maintainer.
> Brad
> On Oct 31, 2007, at 10:06 AM, Torsten Walter wrote:
>> Hi,
>> this is my first active participation in the TextMate list. I've  
>> been using the program for about 4 months now and it is absolutely  
>> worth ecery cent.
>> I did some modifications and improvements to the php, html and  
>> javascript bundles, mainly in terms of code snippets.
>> I've added a bunch of form related snippets to html, dom and event  
>> handling methods to Javascript and added php doc snippets.
>> I thought these might be good for others as well.
>> How do I contact the bundle maintainers about this or do I need to  
>> go straight the SVN route?
>> I tried searching the wiki and google, but didn't actually find a  
>> precise answer.
>> I've never used SVN so far, so I am not quite sure how to go about  
>> this.
>> Any help is greatly appreciated.
>> Torsten Walter

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