[TxMt] Re: TeXniscope help

Keith Penrod keith.penrod at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 16:54:02 UTC 2007

Is there a way to revert without the subversion bundle, or is there  
another way to fix the problem?

On Oct 22, 2007, at 2:21 PM, Charilaos Skiadas wrote:

> On Oct 22, 2007, at 1:53 PM, Jenny Harrison wrote:
>> On Oct 22, 2007, at 10:04 AM, Keith Penrod wrote:
>>> Skim is still having the same problem.  I downloaded and changed  
>>> all the settings I thought I needed to.  It does update the PDF  
>>> file in Skim, but it still doesn't bring the window into focus.   
>>> But at least it "almost" brings it into focus (leaving TextMate  
>>> still active, but showing up immediately behind that).
>>> Keith
>>  I am having the same problem and it is new. The powers-that-be  
>> will surely sort this out soon.
> I can confirm the problem, and it occurred during the move from  
> revision 8128 to 8129. The change at that point added an osascript  
> call to open the viewer, which is likely what is causing the  
> problem. Since no code was removed at that update, I am puzzled as  
> to how it was working before.
> Hopefully Brad can shed some light in the matter he's the  
> texMate.py expert. Those of you are that really bothered by this  
> and already have the subversion version of the bundle, you can use  
> the terminal to navigate to the Latex.tmbundle subdirectory, and  
> there issue the command:
> svn up -r8128 Support/bin/texMate.py
> This will return the offending file to an older version of it that  
> was working. Hopefully this won't be causing any major side effects.
> Or you can just wait if it is not really that bothersome.
>> Jenny
> Haris Skiadas
> Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
> Hanover College
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