[TxMt] Mono or C# Bundle

Matthew Winter wintermi at teratools.com
Wed Oct 17 13:56:17 UTC 2007


I have searched the archive and do not believe this has been  
discussed in the past.

At present within the Textmate Bundle repository we have a Mono Bundle.

My gripe is that Mono is an implementation of the .NET standards, of  
which the C# language is one such language supported. (A VB.NET  
implementation is also part of Mono)

I believe that rather than having a Mono bundle we should have a C#  

Also I noticed that for the "E-TextEditor" which is a kind of Windows  
Clone of Textmate, which supports the same Bundle formats, they  
already have a C# bundle.

I am not sure who the original developer of the bundle was, but here  
is a link to be able to download the bundle:


I have tried the bundle out in Textmate with no problems.

This bundle seems more complete than the Mono bundle.

So what I am suggesting is that the C# bundle and the Mono Bundle are  
merged together under the banner of a C# bundle and ultimately the  
Mono bundle removed from the repository.

What do people think about this option, and what is the process about  
doing this?

I have a few improvements I would like to make to the bundle, but  
would prefer to wait until we have the merged base in the repository  
in which to work from, so creating patches.

Matthew Winter

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