[TxMt] Objective C Screencast

Thomas Aylott (subtleGradient) oblivious at subtlegradient.com
Sat Mar 24 14:47:47 UTC 2007

On Mar 24, 2007, at 3:43 AM, Joachim Mårtensson wrote:

> I made my first screencast ever. It's 11 minutes long, and 15Mb  
> big! The
> volume is a little low,
> pronunciation  could be better, but I hope you enjoy! demonstrates the
> latest svn features.
> http://home.mac.se/joachimm/Objective-C_with_TextMate.mov
> Joachim Mårtensson

That was the quietest tallest most incomprehensible screencast evar.
It might make a bit more sense to me if I knew ObjC, or even C. :D

I would suggest that you put it in iMovie or something and replace  
the soundtrack.
You'll be able to more easily fill up the blank spots and make it way  
less quiet.

It looks like you're using some new cool tricks in there.

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