[TxMt] Edit in TM: any alternatives to "it's all text" ?

Takaaki Kato devlist at samuraicoder.net
Wed Mar 14 03:51:11 UTC 2007

On Mar 14, 2007, at 11:38 AM, Steve Lianoglou wrote:

> The Mozex extension has been working perfectly for me. I even have  
> it set to trigger on cmd-ctrl-e, in some ways it's even better  
> because if I'm editing a textarea in firefox and fore some reason  
> have to pop back to firefox and change the focus to a different tab  
> (than the one I'm editing in textmate), going back to textmate and  
> incrementally saving my work still works.
> http://mozex.mozdev.org/

Would you mind sharing how to set up in that way? I installed  
Mozex1.9.5, and set "/Applications/TextMate.app/Contents/MacOS/ 
TextMate" as my text editor in "Textarea" tab of the Mozex  
preferences. I also set ⌘⌥E for hotkey.

I activate, but nothing happens. It seems the temporary file was  
created, but no TextMate show up.

Clearly, I'm missing something.

Any help would be appreciated,

Takaaki Kato

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