[TxMt] Go Murl Yourself

xolela at mac.com xolela at mac.com
Sun Mar 11 21:37:39 UTC 2007

Thanks Brett,

I agree that  for  the most part, its not agreeable, but there are  
cases when it is  unavoidable,  in which case  "your tool"  becomes  

While I would like to keep the original I for instance had to send  
the following link [1]  to colleagues - some not that  web/mailer  
savy  for whom their mailer breaks the link in which case I spend  
most of the time addressing the failure to get to the link...

If  there is another way to do this a make it easier for people that  
I work with  while keeping to the intended usability as suggested by  
Alan I will take that way any day - I have no intention  of cheating  
anyone of their google rank etc...


[1]  http://docstore.ingenta.com/cgi-bin/ds_deliver/1/u/d/ISIS/ 

On Mar 11, 2007, at 2:40 PM, Brett Terpstra wrote:

> <XRL URL.tmCommand.zip>

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