[TxMt] How to create new untitled doc from another process.

Todd Ditchendorf itod at mac.com
Sun Mar 11 19:07:44 UTC 2007

TextMate list,

how can I command TextMate to create a new untitled document from a  
separate process? Basically, I want textmate to create a new window  
(titled 'untitled n', that does not have a file path associated with  
it yet.

Can you do this somehow thru the mate command line command? typing  
just 'mate' seems to activate textmate.app, but it  doesn't guarantee  
that a new window will be opened (which is good). typing 'mate  
new' (replace new with whatever title you want for your doc) creates  
a new file with a path of /new. I would like to create a new file  
that does not have any path info yet. any ideas?

Todd Ditchendorf

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