[TxMt] Linking commands updated

Brett Terpstra brett at circlesixdesign.com
Sun Mar 11 13:49:39 UTC 2007

> Great, thanks! I am going to add this bundle to the repository and  
> set you up with an account, let me know if you have a preferred  
> username for svn.
Just brett unless it's already used.  My "pseudonym" is ttscoff if  

> I think adding the title is good -- one problem with the command  
> though is, that response.to_hash['location'] returns an array (of  
> URLs), not a string. I’ll just add ‘.first’, but want to ensure you  
> see the same behavior.
I hadn't seen that, I'll look more closely.

> I think this sounds useful -- though of course should go into the  
> Blogging bundle. Not sure how Brad feels about adding commands for  
> not just specific blog systems, but specific plug-ins for specific  
> blog systems ;)
> That said, I had a few problems with the command. Initially it gave  
> me an error from WordPress, because the SQL sent did not have a  
> limit argument (i.e. it did specify LIMIT, but no numeric value for  
> it) -- I took the SQL expression (from the error) and ran that  
> (with a LIMIT of 5) and then got: Can't find FULLTEXT index  
> matching the column list. Do I need to maybe update the db schema/ 
> run some SQL magic to get such index?
I don't think the related posts commands should be included in the  
default distribution.  They are, as you said, overly specific and  
require external plugins.  I mentioned them only for the benefit of  
the list users.  In regards to your issue, you do have to run the  
script that is included in the plugin that updates the db to handle a  
FULLTEXT search.  It's a duplicate of the "Related Posts" plugin  
(used with express permission), so users who are already using that  
will not have to run the script again (won't be able to, actually). 

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