[TxMt] Resources for Emacs veterans?

Kynn Jones kynnjo at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 15:56:07 UTC 2007

I'm sure that a few of the developers of TextMate were not even born
when I first started using Emacs...  Now, I know very well that ol'
Emacs ain't perfect, but by now my fingers and brain are so wedded to
Emacs that, despite a few attempts, I have never been able to switch
to a different text editor.

But several people whose opinions I value have urged me to give
TextMate a try, so here we go.

I imagine/hope, given that so many people in TextMate's target
audience use either Emacs or vi, that there will be extensive
resources to ease the transition *from these specific editors* to
TextMate.  Am I right?  If so, where are these resources?

More specifically, I'm hoping to find something like a "TextMate for
Emacs veterans FAQ", with answers to questions like:

1. will I be able to use TM entirely from the keyboard?
2. will I be able to set up the same key bindings as in Emacs?  how easily?
3. can I work on a single window, switching between buffers from the
keyboard, or will I have a zillion windows floating around my desktop?
4. will I be able to preserve my workspace (including open buffers,
modes, and other settings) from one session to the next, à la Emacs
5. can I run a shell withiin TextMate?
6. does TextMate integrate with debuggers like gdb?

...etc., etc.



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