[TxMt] Commanding an outside app

Niels Kobschätzki n.kobschaetzki at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 23 13:03:52 UTC 2007

On Jun 23, 2007, at 2:59 PM, John Laudun wrote:

> The short of it is that I would like to use Textmate to do some  
> transcription work. I have never been entirely happy with  
> Transcriva, which I paid for, and while the power and convenience  
> of Scrivener are appealing, I don't really want to buy yet another  
> application for this purpose. I own, use, and love TextMate, and I  
> have been very impressed with the things like the ScreenMate bundle.
> Now, I know I could write an AppleScript -- okay, I've never been  
> any good with AS, but it's there -- I was just hoping that I could  
> not and thus be able to work entirely within TextMate. All I need  
> is a keystroke, or perhaps two, that would start and stop playback  
> of an MP3 file. (I assume I would have to do this through  
> QuickTime, but if there's a simpler command-line tool that could do  
> this, that would be fine with me.) The only wrinkle I would like to  
> add would be to be able to set an "auto-rewind" to the START or  
> STOP command so that when playback commenced again it would start X  
> seconds backwards from where it stopped. Setting this X in a config  
> file of some kind would be fine with me.

Take iTunes and Quicksilver - add iTunes-QS-triggers (bound to a  
shortcut of your choice) and it should work.

And after you set up this - use quicksilver for anything else…one of  
the mightiest (if not the mightiest) programs I've ever used


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