[TxMt] Ruby highlightPairs

frank waldheim tm at burningventurecapital.com
Sun Jan 21 11:52:43 UTC 2007

hi there,
sorry if this question was asked before, but i am new to the list
and did not found something like that in the archive.

i would love to have highlightPairs for ruby in such a way that:

{	highlightPairs = (
		( 'def', 'end' ),
		( 'def', 'return' ),
		( 'class', 'end' ),
		( 'begin', 'end' ),
		( 'if', 'end' ),
		( 'if', 'else' ), 
		( 'else', 'end' ),

would render a result. but as the documentation states the
mechanism of highlightPairs is restricted to 'characters'.
now obviously we do not have (use) braces and such for blocks
in ruby. 
my question is: how can i implement a mechanism which tells
me my current scope.

frank'annoyed by accidental parse errors'waldheim

p.s.: if this question is complete bogus please just
let me know by replying a 'rtfm'

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