[TxMt] Textmate Latex insert completion problem

Charilaos Skiadas skiadas at hanover.edu
Sat Jan 20 03:08:28 UTC 2007

Hi Nathan,

       if I understand correctly, you are using the stock TextMate  
installation without the subversion update to the bundle. The version  
that comes built in with TextMate is a bit outdated at the moment,  
and doesn't do a very good check for the tex binaries, probably  
relying on `locate` when it really shouldn't. I've attached a command  
that would give us some insight into your LaTeX install. Please  
execute it and paste the output.

Now, what I would suggest is that you get the latest and greatest  
from subversion., which has a number of improvements on the LaTeX  
bundle. You will need the LaTeX bundle, the global Support directory  
and the PlugIns directory to be checked out via subversion (svn).  
Information can be found here:

If you run in to any problems with those instructions, or for some  
other reason don't want to upgrade to the latest and greatest, let me  
know and we'll see what workarounds we can come up with.

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On Jan 19, 2007, at 8:03 PM, Nathan Paxton wrote:

> Thanks.  You're a tad over my head here, but I looked in the
> application contents and a couple of files that might be what you're
> speaking of, but I don't really have Ruby knowledge.  I'm just using
> textmate to do work in Tex and R, mostly.
> Anyway, in Contents/ShardSupport/Support/bin, there's a file called
> LatexLabelCompletion.rb.  Perhaps this is it?
> My TeX install is at /us/local/gwTeX/bin/power-pc-current/.  It's a
> fairly standard installation, in that I haven't made any modifications
> to the MacTeX installation, so it's pretty as-is.
> -Nathan
>> I believe that the ruby script that fetches the path to your LaTeX  
>> tools is:
>    $TM_SUPPORT_PATH/Support/lib/LaTeXUtils.rb
> If you look at this script, it has a function for fetching the  
> location of the
> LaTeX binaries called `tex_path`, which tries several different  
> ways of getting
>> to your TeX install, and should usually work.  I'm not sure why you'd
> be getting
>> this error, as the script should only try to use kpswitch once it  
>> has found it
> in the `tex_path` function.  That is, the `tex_path` function  
> explicitly tests
> for the availability of kpswitch, so if it's not there, it  
> shouldn't be getting
> used later on.
>> Maybe you can share some more details about your install.
>> I can't really offer too much advice, because I have pretty much  
>> nothing to do
> with the TeX bundle.  Hopefully Haris will come back from wherever  
> he's been
> hiding, or someone else will step in with a solution.
> Jacob Rus,
> Harvard College


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