[TxMt] Re: TextMate and ActionsScript Bundle How to?

Zeitler Andreas zettt at macbay.de
Fri Jan 12 06:28:07 UTC 2007

You're right! I've just built my first HelloWorld with TextMate.

Thanks for your help.

For logging i am using XTrace, because thats built in the  
ActionScript bundle, or am i wrong? Cant i just use TextMate and  
build from within it to see my Flash files? Sounds like this way with  
some external apps it becomes more and more difficult to build.

On 31.12.2006, at 21:59, Benjamin Jackson wrote:

>> My first intention, just to see how things are working i wanted to  
>> make a trace output - which says "Hello World". What am i doing  
>> wrong? Ive tried to use the ActionScript template and i did a  
>> script which just says trace ("Hello World"); I did use the  
>> "Install MTASC Support Files" and i did a try without...nothing  
>> happens. Can anybody help or does know where i get some  
>> information? ==================================
> trace() is used by the Flash IDE. The MTASC equivalent is TRACE(),  
> which you can set up on the command line to point to another  
> function. I'm currently using the LuminicBox logger, but everyone  
> has their favorite. Google 'actionscript logger' for more options.  
> Most of them either work over a LocalConnection or an XMLSocket to  
> pass information to the logger. XMLSocket loggers are faster but  
> the ones I've seen are less robusty (Luminic, which is a LC  
> debugger, has a nice tree view for your objects).
> Good luck :)
> P.S. If you're interested in a more complete workflow, check out my  
> howto on the subject at
> http://www.unfitforprint.com/articles/2006/01/02/howto-develop- 
> flash-on-mac-osx-with-rake-mtasc-swfmill-and-textmate
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