[TxMt] newbie question - configuration textmate for latex

Christoph Eyrich ceyrich at gmx.net
Sat Feb 24 20:06:58 UTC 2007

dear all,

i'd like to pose a few basic questions when using textmate for latex  

(1) is there a way to get the 'typeset & view window' display the log  
file, the way you can have it with emacs?
it seems that changing the values of TM_LATEX_ERRLVL doesn't help ...

(2) is there a way to get textmate use a dvi-previewer? (for reasons  
of speed, i still prefer dvi when working on my files).

(3) is it possible to change the fonts (i.e. same font as in in the  
editing window) and the  header of the 'typeset & view window'?  
what's the place to do it?

thank you!

christoph eyrich

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