[TxMt] LaTeX & AddressBookMe.plist

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Wed Feb 14 20:40:31 UTC 2007

On 14. Feb 2007, at 18:49, Berndt Farwer wrote:

> The LaTeX templates extract the name and address from the file ~/ 
> Library/Preferences/AddressBookMe.plist.
> Now, I have recently moved and thus changed my address (also in  
> Address Book.app) but the AddressBookMe.plist is not updated.  
> Indeed, if I delete the file it is not re-created at all.

I think the AddressBookMe file is created when you first create an  
account on the system. As of such, it is not very robust to rely on  
this file (e.g. secondary users on the system will also lack it).

> Is this due to an update of Apple's Address Book application. Can  
> the content of my own Address Book entry be retrieved in some other  
> way?

We can access the Address Book application via AppleScript, but  
unfortunately that leads to the application being started, which is  
not ideal.

I seem to recall an AB query shell command from somewhere, might be a  
possibility to bundle that with TM, so we can use that instead.

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