[TxMt] Re: Another problem with spanish keyboard

Jacob Rus jacobolus at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 12:15:17 UTC 2007

Juan <juanfc at ...> writes:
> Is impossible to access "Edit -> Indent line" since it is binding to  
> Cmd-Opt-]
> On the other hand in Sp keyb.  you must press Opt fot access ] or  
> [ keys....
> 		]  =  Opt-]
> actually the ]-key contains the *+]  chars, * is with Shift, + is the  
> default and, I've said ] is with option.
> then if you press Cmd-Opt-]  you always get "Edit -> Shift right" as  
> if you've pressed Cmd-]

Yes, unfortunately, European keyboard layouts are pretty terrible for editing
source code, as they make it hard to type non-alphanumeric ASCII characters, in
favor of various accented characters, etc.  This is particularly tragic because
the Mac US keyboard layout has excellent support for easily typing all of the
common accented characters, while also being excellent for typing special
characters like `[]{}();:'"<>/?\|~!@#$%^&*-_=+`, all of which either have a
reserved key or use only shift as a modifier.

Many Europeans, including Allan (the TextMate developer) use the US keyboard
layout for coding, because they have found that the benefit of easily typable
syntax to vastly outweigh the slightly harder-to-type accented letters.  Others
stick to their European layouts but complain bitterly about hard-to-reach bundle
shortcuts, and their general unhappiness with requiring hand acrobatics to do
any kind of coding.

Personally, I think that the US Mac keyboard layout is the best layout in
mainstream use (much better and more consistent than the keyboard layouts used
in Windows/Linux for typing accented characters), and with some personal
tweaking (use Ukelele for this) can be made excellent for writing any language
with a mostly latin alphabet.


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