[TxMt] LaTeX formats

Juan juanfc at lcc.uma.es
Mon Feb 5 02:54:03 UTC 2007

El 05/02/2007, a las 1:57, Charilaos Skiadas escribió:

> Even if there is an .aux file, it might very well be out of date  
> etc. There is a way to figure out what is going on, and latexmk.pl  
> does exactly that as I've already mentioned. It does exactly the  
> kind of work you have described, and compiles the right number of  
> times. So if you want TM to do these multiple latex invocations,  
> just tell it to use latexmk.pl and it will work just fine. This  
> functionality is already there.

	Thanks Charilaos for this information.  I am absolutely novice (and  
so equally admirer of TM!).

I have make a new command (Cmd-Shift-R) with a simplify script:

> # Source some support functions we need.
> . "${TM_SUPPORT_PATH}/lib/html.sh"
> . "${TM_SUPPORT_PATH}/lib/webpreview.sh"
> # Get the viewer program. Any program (that works with open -a  
> <name>) can be used,
> # except 'html' which is reserved to mean the internal HTML window.  
> This is also the
> # default option.
> V=${TM_LATEX_VIEWER:-html}
> V="PDFView"
> DIR=`dirname "$M"`
> FILE=`basename "$M"`
> PDF="${FILE%.*}.pdf"
> latexmk.pl "$FILE" 2>&1 | latexErrWarnHtml.py -v
> RC=$?
> if [ -s "${PDF}" -a "$PDF" -nt "$FILE" ]; then
> 			open -a PDFView "$PDF"
> else
> 	strong "Error: PDF file not written to disk"
> fi
> html_footer

and place that magic from Adam R. Maxwell

> Also, the %&format in the first line of a file is generally  
> disabled, unless you've manually set parse_first_line = t in  
> texmf.cnf or pass -parse-first-line to pdftex.  This has been  
> discussed numerous times on the Mac OS X TeX list.

directly in

all works fine now!!

I miss many things from AlphaX ("my editor") like an analyze of  
the .log at the end of typesetting with links to source lines with  

Another think I miss are FileSets (I don't know how to add menus to  
TM, in particular, menus with set of files from directories, etc, I  
used to use etc...)  But this is another question


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