Distributed model for bundles (was: [TxMt] Bundle and language help)

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Sun Aug 5 04:55:13 UTC 2007

On 4. Aug 2007, at 09:42, Thomas Aylott (subtleGradient) wrote:

> [...]
> Switching to git won't really change much of anything in the short  
> term. And you should be able to ramp up and make it completely  
> first class integrated for TM2.

Switching to a distributed version control system (DSCM) is not  
motivated by the user experience but rather the development/ 
contribution process (and removing my role as gatekeeper / janitor)  
-- and something I would like to do as soon as I am convinced one of  
the existing DSCM systems is the right choice, not couple this with  
TM2 in any particular way.

It would be great if TM itself can use the DSCM to maintain bundle  
changes locally -- how realistic that is, I am not really sure though.

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