[TxMt] Flex 2 Bundle

Simon Gregory simon at helvector.org
Wed Apr 25 10:41:48 UTC 2007

>Simon: How feasible is it to break this  
>bundle into two parts? Will that put us ahead or behind of where we  
>are with the current stand-alone bundles?

Very feasible, and the combined bundle is ahead of the two standalones... although there are points where they need to 
merge/work out which solution is best.  

>It sounds like most of us on on the same page, here. I think it'd be  
>nice if we could agree on a single AS3 and a single Flex bundle to  
>focus our efforts on so we have something to congregate around.  

Personally I don't mind. I'd be happy to see it broken up on the grounds that the bundle title is far far too long at the 
moment ;) One thing I'd be concerned about is a possible duplication of build and help commands and their associated 
TM_BUNDLE_SUPPORT/bin and lib files. But this is coming from a bundle developer perspective and we should focus on the 
end user so can't be used as a reason not to.

Allan - any chance of getting a TextMate icon for .mxml files?

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